Welcome to Aunties Venue!

For the best  experience, please use either Google Chrome or Firefox on a laptop or desktop computer. You'll find 2 identical rooms below and each room holds a capacity of 25 avatars.
Once sold-out, you can still join the experience, but will not be visible as an avatar.

Purse Candy Live tonight at 8pm CST

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More than a venue, a resource.

Auntie's is building a black women owned venue in Minneapolis, MN that will present performance & knowledge amplifying the BIPOC & LBGTQIA+.

Take a journey in their virtual venue (built by Rem5 VR Lab) created from listening to the needs of what their community wanted to see in a space for them. You can create your own avatar based off of your selfie (or pick one already made that suits you) & mingle with others while enjoying a live show on stage from artists that will leave you inspired!

Why Auntie's Venue?

We recognize the urgency to create and reclaim space for BIPOC women and LGBTQIA+ people in all facets of the music industry. We are committed to dismantling systems of oppression by providing pathways to liberation through the performing arts. In order to truly do this, it is imperative that we own and operate a space(s) that will host this work and foster an environment of inclusivity for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people.

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